The sales of the new business-class apartments have been launched

Sales of apartments in a new business-class monolithic house in the Depo quarter have been launched. The apartments and penthouses will have high ceilings, balconies, low sill windows, and state-of-the-art engineering solutions. At the start of the sales, the prices will be more favorable and the purchase terms will be more convenient.

Living in the center of Minsk is a dream for many people. Drinking coffee made by a well-known barista, walking and admiring the intricate architecture, dining at a restaurant by the river, and jogging in the park every morning – all this is available to center residents just 5 minutes away from home. 

"A-100 Development" continues to shape a new image of prestigious real estate in the center of Minsk. The new house will be no less comfortable, beautiful, and unique than the first three houses in the Depo quarter, which are nearing completion.

The six-story building will be positioned parallel to Nezavisimosti Avenue behind the existing historic buildings. Visually, it will be divided into two parts with a single first floor, where there will be commercial premises. 

There are 49 apartments ranging from 61 to 149 square meters with ceilings from 3.05 to 3.35 meters on the top floor with penthouses. The apartments in two entrances will be delivered without any finishing works, and in the third – with the White box.

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