Master bedrooms and many bathrooms: new apartments in a business class house are already on sale

The first three houses in the Depo quarter will be commissioned this year. We have recently presented a new business-class building, and have already started selling new apartments planned for your best comfort.

Apartments, thought-out to the finest detail

The main principle of modern business class planning is separating the bedroom (private) zone and the guest (general) zone so that the kitchen, living room, and guest bathroom would be isolated from the master bedrooms and bathrooms.

In the new building 7.1-7.3 there are apartments with walk-in closets and laundry rooms, and the number of bathrooms is usually equal to the number of bedrooms. The multi-bedroom apartments have a master bedroom: a large room with a private bathroom and a walk-in closet. 

In collaboration with the famous Moscow architect Sergey Skuratov, we have implemented a design that meets world standards for a top-class residence. These are the apartments where every detail and every scenario for the movement of residents and guests have been thought out and considered; everything has been done to make living as comfortable as possible for different groups of people.

Among the new apartments, you will find ones from 92 to almost 150 square meters with low sill windows and ceilings up to 3.35 meters high.

What will the house be like?

The six-story building will be positioned parallel to Nezavisimosti Avenue behind the existing buildings. Visually, it will be divided into two parts with a single first floor, where the design and architectural studios will be located.

Unlike the elite buildings, which are located at the back of the quarter, the business class house is located in a busier place closer to the pedestrian street. It is suitable for those who don't like to be isolated from the city life, want to see lively traffic through the window, and feel that they are in the center of the action.

There are state-of-the-art engineering solutions: low sill windows and terraces, refrigerant ducting for the air conditioners, in-floor heaters, and silent elevators that will take you straight to the underground parking area. And residents will be able to store seasonal stuff in their own storage room on the ground floor.

The zest of the house will be a beautiful facade with large windows and thin-wall clinker brick finishing.

How to buy an apartment?

We offer convenient tools for purchasing an apartment in Depo as quickly as possible. Take advantage of a loan offered by our partner bank – no guarantors and a minimum set of documents. Call us at +375 29 117 81 81 for detailed terms and prices.

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